For expert level painters that want to paint the most detailed of pieces, you'll need these high quality brushes. 10pcs Artist Paint Brushes Value Pack: A new set of high quality artist paintbrushes at a bargain price!


  • This paint brush set includes 10 pcs different shaped oil paint brushes,contain liner, round, angular, filbert, fan, glaze, comb, and flat shapes+oil painting knife+sponge+upright carrying case.These acrylic paint brushes ideal for watercolor, gouache painting, ink, oil, tempera, acrylic painting, nail, face painting,paint by number.Comfortable handles for any temperament, speed, skill or style and suitable for artists or beginners.
  • This versatile paintbrush set works in all mediums, including acrylic, watercolor, enamel, oil, cel-vinyl and gouache paints. 15 different sizes could satisfy whatever detailed painting or largest coat applications. Perfect for wildlife, botanical, portraiture, doll, war hammer 40K, D & D miniatures and paint by numbers, as well as body, nail and face painting.
  • The paintbrush set works perfectly for acrylic, watercolor, enamel, oil, and gouache paints. Ideal for wildlife, botanical, portraiture, as well as body, nail and face painting.
  • More than just a convenient storage solution, the carry case can be used as a pop-up stand that lets you easily swap out brushes while you work. The carry case can also be folded shut and put safely in your backpack or carry bag. One sponge and a palette knife as free accessories for better painting work

All Purposed Paint Brushes

  • Brushes are suitable for different painting medium: acrylic, watercolor, oil, gouahce, tempera, etc.
  • Premium synthetic bristle are capable of painting on different surface, such as canvas, paper, rock, lether and body.


  • Usage: Ideal for acrylic, watercolor, oil, glass, fabric, nail art, face painting.
  • Design: Made by wooden handle it provides the perfect combination of balance and comfort.
  • Versatile Use: Artist brush set has handy case which allows for on-the-go projects. Use these brushes for school, church, fairs, parades or any other event Safe for face painting.

Package Content

  • 1 flat brushes (#9, #10, #11, #14): For bold stokes & filling,
  • 2 filbert brushes (#8, #15): For blending edges,
  • 5 round brushes (#4, #5, #6) : For Detailing & short strokes,
  • 1 liner brushes (#1, #2): For fine lines&lettering.

Brush Care Tips:

  • Clean your brushes immediately after using it, avoid scrubbing while cleaning.
  • Between painting sessions, gently clean your brushes with brush cleaner or soapy water (do not use hot water) . Avoid scrubbing while cleaning.
  • Never leave your brushes resting on their heads in water, solvent, or when drying.
  • Store clean brushes vertically, head-side-up or horizontally.

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