This Pet automatic water fountain has 4-stage filtration circulation system removes dirt and food particles, and the filter contains activated carbon and ion exchange resin to filter out impurities and soften water, removing hair, dirt and food particles, Provide fresh, clean water for your cute pets, The new generation of water pump adopts unique motor technology design, ultra-quiet (below 40 decibels), 2-3W low power consumption and 20000 hours lifetime motor, allowing you and your pets to sleep 100% sweetly.

You can turn the flower cover or petals to achieve 3 different flow patterns: flower waterfall, flower bubble and cantle fountain, different water flow setting, different kind of fun. and it is more attractive to your pet than a river with still water falling in an ordinary water bowl, In addition, we also comes with a blue mat, whenever, do not have to worry about getting wet floor when pets drink water, The 2.0L capacity can reduce the number of water additions and meet your pet's drinking needs for a day of power outage, In addition, the built-in LED light is convenient to monitor the water level, and at the same time as a small night light, so that your cat can outdoor drinking activities in the dark.

Pet drinking fountains can bring more convenience to your life, no matter if you are traveling or busy at work, you don't have to worry about pets drinking water. The USB interface design is convenient to use whether it is for home use or outdoor activities.

Note: The filter can be used for 2 months (the best way to use is to disassemble once a week, clean and dry, and then reuse)


  • Powerful filtering function
  • Upgrade ultra-quiet (below 40 decibels) pump,
  • 3 different flow designs
  • 2.0liters capacity & built in LED light
  • Convenience to life
  • Easy to clean and install


  • Material: PP
  • Mode: LED/DC-Blue LED Light
  • Color: Orange, Blue, Grey, Cyan
  • Power Supply: 5V1A
  • Power:1.5W
  • Length Of Cable:1.8M
  • Product Dimension: 16.3cm x 16.3cm x 12.8cm
  • Weight: 0.57KG
  • Capacity:2L

Package Content

  • 1 x Pet Drinking Fountain

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