• This toy can make sound, which will clean dog's teeth better. The toy is suitable for pets from 5 to 100 pounds, and it can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Two whistles are placed at both ends of the toy, which will make sound to attract dog's attention and improve its interest when biting the toy. Daily use this toy can relieve dogs' anxiety when they are at home by themselves, and improve their IQ, preventing dogs from destroying furniture and clothes
  • Novel design of dog teeth cleaning aisle, zigzag molar protrusions, the triangle-shaped and conical protrusions in different size are arranged horizontally and vertically, which can deeply clean dogs front teeth, fangs and molars when dog is playing the toy, also effectively remove all kinds of rice residues, dirt and calculus, fully protect the dental health of dogs
  • When dog is brushing teeth, dog toothpaste or attractant can be applied on the outside of the teeth cleaning aisle of the toy, so as to attract dog's interest and truly realize the function of dog brushing teeth by himself while playing
  • This toy is made of healthy and bite-resistant TPR material, which won't be deformed or damaged even if the dog is playing for a long time. When the first time playing this toy or giving the toy to large dogs, we recommend to control the playing time within 10 minutes, afterwards it can be increased to 20-30 minutes per day


  • Material: High Grade TPR
  • Size: 80mm x 55mm x 55mm
  • Weight: 252g
  • Colour: Lake Blue, Eco Green, Pumpkin Yellow

Why does Dog need Dog Toothbrush Toy?

  1. Keep your dog in oral health, breathe fresh and help form positive chewing habits during its crucial growth stage
  2. Keep your dog away from separation boredom, anxiety and make them happy and mental health
  3. Improve the relationship with the dog for pet parents. Indoor and outdoor play, close and frequent interaction of training

How to Use Dog Chew Toys

  1. Wash and dry dog toothbrush
  2. Press this toy and make the squeaker sound to attract your dog s interest
  3. Squeeze dog toothpaste or treats along the grooves
  4. Let your dog enjoy the chewing fun


  • Q: What's the material of this toy?
  • A: This toy is made of healthy and flavourless TPR material, which is bite-resistant and won't harm to dog at all, dogs can play it without any worry.
  • Q: Can this toy clean my dog's teeth?
  • A: You can put dog food or dog's favorite snacks inside the toy, also can apply dog toothpaste on the surface of toy. When dog is biting the toy, bumps on the toy's surface can effectively clean dog teeth and remove tartar, keeping dental health. Putting dog snacks helps to increase dog's interest.
  • Q: What's the short rope used for?
  • A: The short rope on the top is used to carry, hanging and interact with owner. It is convenient to carry go outside, easy to hang after cleaning, and also easy to interact with owners in outdoor.
  • Q: How to clean the toy?
  • A: It is easy to clean. If necessary, you can be washed with clean water, and hang it in a ventilated place for next time use.
  • Q: Will my dog be interested to this toy?
  • A: Dogs are interested a lot to new toy or ball toy. At the first time playing, you can put some dog food or his favorite snacks inside the ball, to attract his interest.

Package Content

  • 1 x Squeaky Chew Toothbrush

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