The Corn-Shaped Dog Chew Toy is made of environmental friendly material --- food-grade TPR, odorless, non-toxic rubber, safe and harmless to your love pet. Wear-resistant and indestructible.

The Dog Chew Toy with Suction Cup is Designed with 360 degree rubber granular cleaner around outside, combines interaction toy, slow feeder, teeth cleaner and molar function into one.Designed with the new powerful sucker keeps the chew toy fixed and can interactively train the dog's bite force.. Fill it with your dog’s favorite treats, it'll spill out while playing, to promote active and healthy feeding.

Dear puppy is alone at home, are you still worried? Toothbrush Stick toy will Kill the boring time, relieve the anxiety and stress, to make dogs’ life more fulfilling. Our new upgraded dog rope toy can effectively help your dog release excess energy and prevent dog from bad behavior caused by long-term boredom. It enhances the dog's enthusiasm, and makes your relationship with the dog closer, improve the pet's intelligence and let its emotions be released.

Dog Toothbrush Stick toy Can Clean your dog's teeth, make your dog healthier. Made with two types of hardness durable materials. Varying hardness provides extra satisfaction while dogs chewing. Many dogs suffer from bad breath and periodontitis due to poor oral hygiene, but chew toy can rub off the tartar and make your dog's teeth healthier.

Why choose our Dog’s Corn Toothbrush Toy?

Dog Teeth Custom-Made Design:The corn dog toothbrush interactive toy is designed according to the features of dog’s teeth.The novel designed molar protrusions are zigzag and arranged horizontally and vertically,which can thoroughly clean dog’s all teeth and remove all kind of rice residue,effectively protecting dog’s dental health.

Enhanced Type Material - Dog chew toy with Suction Cup is made of rubber. We also thickened the internal structure to make it more durable than other similar dog toothbrushes.This dog chew rope toys are strong enough to withstand dog chews and bites. More higher quality and longer life.

Puppy corn ropes toys for dogs - Perfect toy for chewing games and teech health.Whatever play indoors or outdoors, our dog toy can enhance the pets feelings with the owner,your dog will be more robust and smarter. Vent your dogs destructive desires, to avoid damage to your furniture.

The Dog Toothbrush Stick toy can Reduce Anxiety ,Improve Intelligence & IQ Training:Playing the toy regularly can reduce the dog's anxiety and improve the dog's IQ at home and attract pets’ attention to prevent damage to furniture and clothes,which is cleaning their teeth in reality.

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