Made for the Professional Chef, but easy-to-use for the Home Cook, this professional grade sharpening stone will keep you safe in the kitchen. Use the small number grit coarse side followed by thelarge number grit polishing side, and no matter what you're chopping, it will feel like slicing through butter.

Itistruly is a MUST-HAVE for every household. Even the longest kitchen knife, and designed to fine-tune any blade, whether an expensive wusthofor just a cheap stainless steel kitchen knife, it's also ideal for sharpening things like scissors,blades, pocket knives, a chisel, axe, sword or even machete.


  • Made from professional grade carborundum, it is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant. 
  • The edges and corners are clearly demarcated.
  • Non-slip base holds the sharpening stone securely in place so you will not have to worry about the whetstone slipping off counter.
  • It can quickly be sharpened with just a few sweaters. It is perfect for finishing and polishing the edge.
  • Necessary for both professional cooks and home users to sharpen a cutter.


  • Material: Stone, Bamboo and Silicone
  • Size: 180cm x 60cm x30mm
  • Weight: 700g
  • Grit: 240/800, 400/1000, 1000/3000, 1000/6000, 2000/5000, 3000/8000, 400/1000, 3000/8000

Package Content

  • 1 x Dual Side Whetstone
  • 1 x Bamboo Case
  • 1 x Silicone Anti Slip Pad

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