• Zumi disposable face towel are extra thick, ultra strong, suitable size 20cm X 22cm, lint-free, no fibers nor debris falls on skin.
  • High quality disposable facial cleansing wipes, unscented, no chemicals. clean and hygienic, won't breed bacteria and mites. And with texture on it, can wash much cleaner.
  • Dry wipes, not pre-moistened. Soft and comfortable ,can be used dry or wet by adding water or lotion, strong absorption.Ideal for daily face cleaning, makeup and oil removing, skin care etc.
  • Good size and sturdiness, great for household cleaning. Throw your dirty dishrags and stinking sponges in your kitchen.,to use this fresh, clean, sanitary cotton towel, get a fresh and clean kitchen.
  • Cute and exquisite rope bag pacakge, good for home, business, travel and friends invitation etc.
  • Fragrance and chemical free.


  • Made with 100% Biodegradable natural plant fibre

For Use

  • Facial Towel (Dry) - After washing face wipe to remove moisture.
  • Facial Towel (Wet) 
  • Apply cream or cleanser to towel to gently wipe away makeup.
  • For convenience, wipe face to cleanse or any surfaces to remove residue.
  • A gentle cleanser can be used if needed.
  • Household/Kitchen cleaning.
  • Facial Towel (Wet Baby) 
  • Use cold/warm water to cleanse and wipe intimate areas.
  • Wipe Gently over skin when bathing.

Package Content

  • Disposable Facial Towel

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